We use the puppy Culture method with all our puppies


Heading 1


CH Jems Patty of Peakview

CH Sagonige's King Cowboy at 74 Ranch

pattie moves
patti and troy

MASCA Champion

Rally Intro Title

Height 18"

Weight 35lbs

OFA Good

Eye Cerf Clear


MASCA Champion

IABCA Int. Champion

ICE Champion

Height 17"

OFA: pre-lims Good

HC: normal by parentage

DM: normal by parentage

CEA: normal by parentage

PRA: normal by parentage


They are sold and gone to there forever homes!!!!! Onyx, Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Jem, Rose Pearl. Thank you to everyone for giving them a wonderful home!

pearl 16-2.jpg

Read some of our comments on the puppies from our past litter. From Patty & Union Jack 2017.

Thank you for everything! Tesla is doing well and has totally attached herself to our daughter. . She is such a sweet girl and loves to play! Potty training is going well too, as long as we take her out plenty, she will go outside.

 Warmly, Jennifer

Good afternoon,

 I just want to thank you again for allowing us to give your pup a home!  We have decided to name her Andie, and she has been having a great time getting to know our two children and our other two dogs as well.  It's clear that you worked with the puppies a lot to help them transition to life away from the litter.  In this short time, she has already adjusted well to sleeping in the crate at night and has been very good about going potty outside.  I'm very impressed with how smart she is and appreciate all the work you must have done with the puppies.  It has definitely made our job of training her so much easier.  And, as promised, I will be sure to send you pictures once in a while so you can see how she grows up!

Thank you again for everything and please don't hesitate to check in with us if you ever need anything,


 I have to say I have had a lot of great dogs and this one is already up there with the best.  He fit in immediately and has hardly even cried at all.  He is the sweetest boy and has such an awesome personality. Thank you so much for him. Also we named him Javi.  All of our dogs have been Spanish names and it fits him perfectly.  We took him to see my daughter today and the whole cheer team stopped and started swooning over him.  He loved every minute of it.   

Past litter 2017

CH Jems Patty of Peakview

GR CH MAJC 74 Ranch Union Jack

Viper, Audie, Aston, Jaguar, Lexus, Bentley, and Tesla